Sports Archives – 2004

Wow !!!  What a grand finale to our regular season!  After a not so impressive 7-5 season record, St. Mark’s bounced back to go undefeated in the Tournament Playoffs!  And the final game was a thriller!  The game was tied after seven innings of play.  Our brilliant defense held General Baptist scoreless in the top of the eighth.  Finally, the top end of the lineup came through for us (no bias here, guys!) and scored a run on three consecutive hits.  The team celebrated at its favorite venue, Clancy’s, into the late hours of the evening.  This is one season that will go down in the record books!  (Note also that victories in the tournament came over a number of teams that had solidly defeated us during the regular season which made the final results a tiny bit more enjoyable!)  One of our two favorite co-managers missed the playoffs due to illness, (he’s doing fine now).  So we were all inspired to do our best by thinking about him and his many years of dedication to the team, as we had to make do with those substitute scorekeepers!

Our 2004 team (plus or minus a few players!)


An early 2004 practice session.