Sunday, Oct 28, 2007: “A Wing and A Prayer: Part 4 (cont’d.)”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
“A Wing and A Prayer”, by Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori
Group Discussion Series Led By Rev. Mike Kreutzer
Sunday, October 28, 2007


Part Four (cont’d.): Pages 61-88


The group discussed various aspects derived from Part Four:  FUNNY PURPLE SHIRTS — The Church.  The sections in the book included:  “In the New Millennium” / “Walking on Water” / “Finding God in the Differences” / “Traveling Light” / “Lab Report” / “Sibling Rivalry” / “The Family Table” / “Live Long and Prosper / and “Everybody in the Pool.”


Mike Kreutzer was on vacation this week, so the group was led by Deacon George Snyder.  We also had Rev. Jerry Adinolfi, former St. Mark’s parishioner and now  Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Coffeyville, Kansas join us today for the discussion.  Continuing with Part Four and starting on page 74 it was noted that within the church, it seems like the “desire to be right” causes divisions within the church.  Although, it was brought up that there were many other areas to discuss besides the recent one that has divided the Episcopal Church, the discussion still turned in that direction.  It was particularly interesting to get another viewpoint from Rev. Adinolfi.


The author’s emphasis on inclusiveness within her book, seems to not be of significant importance to the groups who wish to break off from the mainstream Episcopal Church.  Instead, they opt to worship as a separate entity.  Even things like which version of the Bible should be used, can get some people disagreeing.  It was pointed out that we should be focused instead on evangelism and inviting people to come worship with us who otherwise would not have that experience.  The recent events within the church have certainly caused many to lose this focus.


It was also noted that as Christians, we should be able to accept others even if they aren’t cast from the same mold that we are.  All of us, after all, are part of  God’s overall creation.