Sunday, Dec 06, 2009: “The Old Testament: Genesis: Chapters 36-50”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
A General Overview of the Old Testament
A Discussion led by The Rev. Mike Kreutzer
Sunday, December 6, 2009


Chapter 36 is a listing of the descendents of Esau.  In chapter 37 Jacob is now back in his home of Canaan and the story now centers around Joseph, the second youngest son.  There are actually two stories, northern and southern.  The northern version centers around the oldest son, Ruben, who orders that no blood be shed.  The southern story is where Joseph gets sold to the Ishmaelites and eventually sold into slavery in Egypt.  After a long ordeal, Joseph rises to become a viceroy of the Pharaoh.  His wife, however, desires Joseph and when he refuses her, she makes false accusations about him and he winds up in prison.


However, Pharaoh begins to have dreams (note that God is rarely entwined in this story, but is behind the scenes) and he hears that Joseph has this capability.  When Joseph interprets them correctly, he is elevated over the entire kingdom.


In the meantime, famine spreads to Canaan and ten of the brothers come to Egypt looking for food.  (Since Joseph predicted the famine, Egypt stored up enough grain to weather the storm.)  Joseph recognizes his brothers and tests them.  He wants to see his youngest brother as well and after holding brother Simeon hostage, they finally go and bring Benjamin, the youngest brother.  Joseph then exposes himself to his brothers but he also wants to see his father, Jacob, before he dies.


Jacob finally agrees to move himself and his entire family to Egypt to be with his long lost son, Joseph.  In the end, Jacob is dying and makes his sons promise to take his body back to the plot in Hebron to be buried in the same tomb with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, and Leah.


Joseph remained in Egypt and lived to be 110 years old.  He also eventually gets buried in his homeland.  God will bring the Israelites back to their homeland.