Sunday, Dec 13, 2009: “Visit by Bishop Kenneth Price”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
An Open Forum
A Discussion led by The Most Rev. Kenneth Price
Sunday, December 13, 2009


This morning St. Mark’s was privileged to receive a visit by the Most Rev. Kenneth Price.  He made himself available for an open forum discussion.  The first question asked was about his upcoming move to Pittsburgh.  As most of use were already aware, the Diocese of Pittsburgh split up after the election of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire.  Bishop Duncan of the Pittsburgh Diocese persuaded 44 of the 72 parishes to follow him to leave the Episcopal Church and follow him to the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone.  This left only 28 parishes in that Diocese with significantly reduced funds and resources.  The Bishop explained that shortly after the split up, one of the six members of the Standing Committee walked out and immediately began to reappoint new members.


Thus, it was decided that Bishop Price, who has the experience and had previously served for many years in the Diocese of West Virginia was a perfect fit to become an interim Bishop there until someone permanent could be reappointed.  He is actually “on loan” from our Diocese and will be spending 22 days per month in Pittsburgh, but then will return to Columbus for the remainder of the time.  He was elected to the position of Bishop of Pittsburgh on October 17.


There are many problems in the Pittsburgh Diocese, one of which is the claims over the church properties.  With congregations voting to leave the Diocese there is the question of what to do with each of the church properties and how would they be maintained, etc.  Another question was raised about the recent proposal to elect a lesbian bishop, Rev. Mary Glasspool and if that could further split the Episcopal Church.  The Bishop agreed that the potential was there.  He clarified that it really got down to the authority of scripture and how its interpreted.  Bishop Price hoped that everyone in the Anglican Communion, which is 28 million strong, would concentrate on more important affairs such as forgiving debt of poor nations, seeking to prevent violence against women, etc.


Many thanks to Bishop Price for spending the time with our Adult Forum group.  His insights were most informative.