Sunday, Nov 29, 2009: “Palestine of Jesus: A Slide Show”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
Palestine of Jesus
A Slide Show by The Rev. Mary Slenski
Sunday, November 29, 2009


The first scene was at the Sea of Galilee where Jesus used to wonder.  Just outside of Bethlehem the olive trees and sheep grazing in the field were very visible.  The cave at Shepherd’s Field was typical of the dwellings during Jesus’ time.

Next, was Nazareth.  Steep hills, baptism in the Jordan, and a photo of “The Wilderness” were shown.  The hills surrounding Galilee leading to Capernaum were then displayed.


Mary then showed a picture of the Springs of Hermon, which feed the Sea of Galilee.  This was followed by the road to the high mountain where Peter, James, and John took Jesus.


The walls of Capernaum border some very narrow streets.  Next, we saw the “Lion’s Gate” at the southwest corner of the Dome of the Rock (or Temple Mount/Second Temple).  The staircase on display dates back to the first century.


Peter of the Cock Crow Church was the next photo we enjoyed.  The steps there are where Jesus was supposed to have walked.  Finally, we saw an inside view of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher  on top of Golgotha and the representation of a tomb where Jesus was buried.


All of the audience thanked Mary for sharing her visit with us!