Sunday, Sep 27, 2009: “Palestine of Today: A Slide Show”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
Palestine of Today
A Slide Show by The Rev. Mary Slenski
Sunday, September 27, 2009



Mary showed some beautiful and interesting slides of Jerusalem taken from various vantage points around the wall of the city.  This included views of the Dome of the Rock (which sets on top of the Temple Mount).  There were also views of the Wailing Wall which is the remaining structure from the Temple Mount that was built after the initial destruction by the Babylonians.  There were also piles of rubble nearby from the Temple Mount.  There were also photos of the Western Wall Plaza, which is a very holy place.  The Wailing Wall there is divided into the men’s half (larger of course) and the women’s half.  The cultures there ranged from a Free Kitchen for the Needy to some very expensive and elegant homes and buildings.  Surrounding this area are four different quarters:  Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Moslem.  The Mount of Olives is also visible from Jerusalem.  The Dome of the Rock is the third most holy site in Islam.  Mary noted that she entered into Jerusalem through the Damascus Gate in the Northeast, which is in the Moslem area.  Unemployment is very high as well.



Bethlehem can be seen to the east from Jerusalem.  There is a wall built in recent times that now surrounds Bethlehem.  The city is largely populated by Palestinians.



Jericho is the oldest continuously occupied city in the world.  The city, like Bethlehem, is largely populated by Palestinians.  The United Nations must protect the drinking water there which is extracted from underground wells.

Everyone enjoyed the delightful and interesting slides by Mary and thanked her for the presentation.