Sunday, Nov 5, 2017: Bishop Breidenthal Visit

Bishop Tom Breidenthal met with a study group at St. Mark’s before today’s service.


The topics he was asked to focus on were upcoming changes to our music or our Prayer Book.


Bishop Tom is a member of the Episcopal Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music.



  • Two recommendations by the Commission
    • Radical Revision
    • Use following three years to get to know the Prayer Book
  • The Commission would like to recommend the get to know the Prayer Book
  • If changed, what changes would be considered?
    • Name changes that are more gender neutral
    • Include all of God’s people including transexuals
    • Diversify the calendar of Saints (races, nationalities)
  • The idea of having a Prayer Book is not accepted by all denominations.
    • Jewish synagogues have Prayer Books (Torah)
    • “Torah” means “The Way.”
  • Changes to the Prayer Book must pass the House of Bishop and House of Deputies.
    • General Convention convenes every three years.
    • The recommendations can be altered in this process
    • There can be a “tug-of-war” between Bishops and Deputies during convention.
  • In budget matters, the Bishops and Deputies can work directly with each other.
  • There were more young people at the last General Convention



  • Not much interest at this time in changing the music.
  • Young people seem to like the older traditions.



  • The House of Bishops visited villages in Alaska September 21-26, 2017
  • Focus on racism and ethnicity
  • Native American members
  • Huge harvest feast presented to the Bishops
    • Awesome experience
  • Goal to preserve the sacred arctic shorelines
    • Oil drilling threatens caribou grounds