Sunday, Mar 28, 2004: “From Age to Age: Session #4”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary

Session Four: From Age to Age

By Edward Foley

Sunday, March 28, 2004


Frankish Domination: 750 to 1073


anonymous (9th century, Latin)

     56,  O come, O come, Emmanuel
     60,  Creator of the stars of night
     360/361,  Only begotten, Word of God
     503/504,  Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire

anonymous (10th century, Latin)

     1/2,  Father, we praise thee, now the night is over
     38/39,  Jesus, Redeemer of the world
     133/134,  O Light of Light, Love given birth

anonymous (11th century, Latin)

     122/123,  Alleluia, song of gladness

anonymous (10th century, Mozarabic)

     33/34/35,  Christ, mighty Savior, Light of all creation

Alcuin (735-804)

     465/466,  Hail this joyful day returns

Joseph the Hymnographer (9th century)

     237,  Let us now our voices raise

Rabanus Maurus (776-856)

     282/283,  Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels
     501/502,  O Holy Spirit, by whose breath

Synesius of Cyrene (375? – 414?)

     641/798,  Lord Jesus, think on me

Theodulph of Orleans (d. 821)

     154/155,  All glory, laud, and honor

Wigbert (Wipo of Burgnudy, d. 1050)

     183,  Christians, to the Paschal victim known