Watch St. Mark’s Service on TV!

If you have a newer “smart” TV, or a streaming device such as an Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc, you can download the Facebook Watch app to your TV. Search for Facebook Watch in your TV or streaming device’s app store, and download it. Some devices such as the Roku don’t currently have the Facebook Watch app available.

Open the Facebook Watch app and click Login. It will give you an 8 digit code. Go to on your phone or computer, and type in that code. This will link your tv to your Facebook account, and should save it so you only have to do this step once.

From your phone, you can “cast” the video to the TV. Just make sure the TV and Facebook Watch app are on. Then from the upper right side of the video on your phone, click the cast button, which looks like a rectangle with a dot and 2 curved lines in the corner. After a few seconds it will automatically bring the video up on your tv.  If not using a phone, you can type “St Mark’s Dayton” in the search bar of the Facebook Watch app on your tv and find us that way. Remember, you can watch live in real time, or any time later after the video has ended!