2013 St. Mark’s Stewardship Campaign

Everything we have is a gift from God.  Christian stewards serve God out of love and gratitude for those gifts, knowing that it’s not how much we have but what we do with it that counts.


Consider sharing your gift with those less fortunate than yourself by supporting St. Mark’s Parish and its mission to do God’s work.  May your gift be proportional to the amount of your blessings.


Stewardship is about our relationship to God as stewards of the world God has created.  Each of us has been given a definitive trust of a portion of God’s world – an abundance of gifts of time, talent and treasure with which God has blessed us.  Jesus said, “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required” (Luke 12: 48).


We are asked to use our abundant gifts with which we have been blessed to do God’s work in this world.  We are expected to grow those gifts and use them wisely as we attend to the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves.  During this Stewardship Campaign, may we give in worship and appreciation to God for our many blessings and as a statement of our faith that He will continue to provide for our own needs.  Please submit your pledge by December 2, 2012 to allow it to be included with the other pledges received as an offering during the worship service on that day.


Next Sunday, December 2nd, we will gather the pledges of financial support for our Parish for 2013 and submit them as an offering during our worship service on that day.  If you have already turned in your pledge form – Thank you!  If you have misplaced your pledge form, please call the church office or see Jim Rudd, our Stewardship Chairperson.


Pledges are not contracts.  They are statements of intent made in faith.  They are a great help to our Vestry in their planning and can always be revised if there are changes in your life.


All pledges received to date will be gathered together and presented as a special offering during our worship service today on December 2.  Many thanks to everyone who supported the 2013 St. Mark’s Stewardship Campaign.


If you have not submitted a pledge to date but would still like to do so, you are highly encouraged to submit your pledge ASAP.  Every pledge is direly needed and greatly appreciated to allow our parish to fulfill its mission to do God’s work.