It’s Back to School !!!



It’s back to school


St. Mark’s is beginning its 11th year of a School-Church partnership with

Kemp School in Dayton. 

In addition to providing

one-on-one tutoring to students at Kemp, we also donate

much-needed supplies  for the students. 

Can you help?

Supplies needed include:


Book bags             School boxes

Pencil bags (with zippers)


No. 2 pencils (fat & skinny)

Crayons (boxes of 8, 16, or 24 only)

Colored pencils

Blue, black, and red pens


Pocket folders

3-ring binders (1 1/2 —2 inches)

Wide-ruled loose leaf paper

Wide-ruled, one-subject notebooks

Portfolio-type folders with pockets

Steno or spiral notebooks


Large erasers

Blunt scissors (no points)


Glue sticks & white Elmer’s Glue

Small calculators , protractors, & compasses

Tissues, Baby wipes