Church Directory

It’s Time For a New


       (really–we did the last one in 2011!)


          This time, we’re doing it in-house with

           our very own photographer, Jenna Walch.




Jenna will be set up in the Lounge

  on a designated upcoming Sunday.

to take pictures of families,

individuals, and any other

groups you might like.

  (We’ll schedule another photo session in the fall)


You will be able to review the pictures online, or

Jenna will provide a laptop on Sunday, August 30,

and she’ll go over your photos then.


You will receive a copy of your directory photo FREE;

you will also be able to purchase

prints or digital photos as well.


There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board;

you can also call the Office to make a

portrait appointment.


     We want EVERYONE to

participate in our new directory!