Christmas Project 2017 Results



23 families with 41 children

We gave: more than 90 gifts,

including toys, clothes, & equipment;

wrapping paper, bows, & tape.


Each family also received

turkey, ham, & sausage;

canned green beans, peas, corn,

mustard greens, sweet potatoes,

& cranberry sauce;

gravy, stuffing mix, rice,

 macaroni & cheese; eggs,

margarine, milk;

bread & dinner rolls;

apples, oranges, bananas,

onions, potatoes, & carrots;

pumpkin, cherry, or apple pie.

If needed, they also received

baby food and diapers.



A HUGE shout-out to Carol Nancarrow

and her crew  who shopped, loaded cars,

unloaded cars, sorted the food,

checked the boxes,  re-checked the boxes,

 loaded them into 8 cars, and

unloaded them at the Job Center.