Christmas Project 2020



DEC 27

Thank you to all who participated in this annual event and a special thanks goes out to Carol Nancarrow for her tireless work on this project.


DEC 13

Please deliver all gifts to the office or to Carol Nancarrow by December 14.


Contact Carol if you have questions.




Dec 14: Please deliver all gifts to the office or to Carol Nancarrow.

Dec 18: Drivers are needed to deliver groceries and gifts to the Help Me Grow office.


There are still some gifts that need a giver!


Contact Carol at home or via email if you can help in any way.



NOV 29

Like everything else now, the Christmas Project is being adapted to be safe in these strange times. You should have received an email with the master list of all the children and gift requests. At this point, there are some empty spots, which just means I am still working on collecting information. I will be putting out updated lists often over the next couple of weeks. Right now we have 24 families and 46 children depending on us to make their season bright.  
Some of the children have special needs, and I have included that information in the listing. I don’t really think people should be labeled, but when you are shopping, it’s good to know what the child’s needs are. 
To participate, select the gifts you would like to provide and make note of the number in the left column.  I suggest you choose a first choice and alternatives, as someone may have already spoken for your first choice. Then contact me (see below). I will then record your name with your choice(s). If someone else has already covered your selection, I will let you know, so we can try again. I will not post your gift choices so others can see them. Only my copy of the database will have that information.  
Now to get your gift turned in: since we are not having church services, you may bring the gift to the church office on weekday mornings from 9am–noon, or drop it off at my home. No need to wrap it, but do PUT THE NUMBER from the list on the gift; this will ensure it gets to “your” child. Just tape a little note to your package.  
If you want to order your gift(s) online, you are welcome to have them delivered directly to me. Please use your own phone number, not mine.  Just let me know what is coming, so I will know how to match it up to the master list by number. Keep in mind that deliveries are running slow and likely to get worse between now and Christmas, especially the post office. 
I need to have the gifts no later than Dec. 14.  
I’m afraid this is going to take a bit of doing and adjusting on all our parts, but it’s still the only two- or six- or ten-year-old Christmas these kids will ever have. I know together we can make all 46 of them happy. I have faith that we can together rise to the occasion.
I’m still working on logistics for the food purchasing and delivery of all items on Dec. 18. More on that later. Certainly will need quite a few drivers, but will protect everyone’s health too. As usual, I am happy to take monetary gifts and I can get someone to help with shopping if you need it. You are welcome to send/drop off monetary donations to the Office.
It’s going to take lots of communication to make this work, but I’m sure we can do it.  
Now here’s all my contact stuff in one place. It’s in the church directory too.
THANKS to everyone who helps out in any way! Let me know if you have questions.
Carol Nancarrow



NOV 22

Once again we will help needy families with gifts for their children and food for their larders.


Due to the pandemic, Carol Nancarrow and her cohorts at Help Me Grow are working on ideas for purchasing and delivering items with the least amount of in-person contact as possible.   We will still need gifts and food purchased, so keep your eye out for information here and in the weekly Constant Contact!