Diocesan Convention

On November 7, the Diocese of Southern Ohio’s 146th Diocesan Convention was held entirely by Zoom Webinar.  Over 400 members of the Diocese were present, with the Bishop and his staff tuning in from the Cathedral.  Although there were a few technical difficulties, every vote was counted and all voices were heard.


There were four resolutions on the table this year. R2020-01 was to agree to hold the Convention via Zoom, as our bylaws did not anticipate a global pandemic.  R2020-02 concerned the Mission Share program; more details can be found on the Diocesan website.   R2020-03 was a mental and spiritual call to nonviolence.  R2020-04 is a promise made by the Standing Committee to the Diocese to keep everyone informed while they begin the long process of calling the next bishop of the DSO.


Convention was difficult this year as the fellowship between all the sister parishes is undeniably one of the most beloved aspects of the weekend.  We did still see familiar faces, and the group chat that Zoom holds was only silent during debates. So although separated, the community of the DSO is as strong and alive as ever!  During voting, attendees were also able to view the videos that were sent in from parishes; we are pleased to say that St. Mark’s video was shown first!


Diocesan and Cathedral staff presented a special resolution in honor of Bishop Thomas Breidenthal, who is retiring in a few weeks.  Afterwards, the Bishop then bestowed on John Boss the position of Honorary Dean of the Cathedral, in recognition of all the work John had done for the various finance and budget committees of the Diocese. 


All of the details of the resolutions and newly-elected officials can be found on the Diocesan website; you can also contact Dwight Cass, Carol Nancarrow, Katherine Wagner, and Elizabeth Wagner if you have any further questions.