For over 35 years St. Mark’s has provided gifts and food to families from Help Me Grow/Brighter Futures, Montgomery County programs for children at risk for all kinds of reasons. Each child received two personal gifts and each family receives a generous assortment of food. 
           To participate, all you need to do is select the gift(s) you wish to purchase, sign on the master list, and bring back the gift, with the card attached, by Dec. 12. Please do NOT wrap the gift. If you need more information, you can contact Carol Nancarrow by phone, email, or text. Alternate gifts will be available especially this year with shopping complications. More detailed instruction sheets will be available with the gift cards and the emails. 
           If you can’t shop, but want to participate, you can choose a gift and provide money for its purchase. We have some people who are willing to do the legwork for others. 
           We learned years ago that the moms would immediately unwrap the gifts, so now we just send them the supplies to do it themselves. We can also use rolls of gift paper, ribbon, and tape. (Please no bows as they just get crushed.) 
           Sign-up sheets for gift sorting on Dec. 13 and food shopping/pick-up on Dec. 20 will be on the Narthex bulletin board. 
           Undesignated donations of money in any amount would help a lot too, since we don’t have yard sale funds set aside this year.  We have some carryover funds, but will need about an additional $1200 for food.  (Financial donations can be added to your contribution sheet.)
Nov 21 & Nov 28: cards available with a request for something each child needs and something they want. Please pick up a card (or two!) in the Bride’s Room
Dec 12: Gift ingathering. Please return all gifts (unwrapped), as we will have a special blessing for the children who will enjoy them.
Dec 20: Food shopping, sorting, and delivery.