To the St. Mark’s community of faith:
As you have likely heard both the national CDC and State of Ohio Covid restrictions are being lifted between now and June 2, however, guidelines may be set by individual institutions, corporations and small businesses. The official guidelines from the DSO will be coming out shortly. Please DO NOT expect all guidelines to be dropped all at once on June 2. We will go week by week for the next several weeks as we begin to relax restrictions within this community.
FOR THIS SUNDAY, St. Mark’s will continue to observe the guidelines we have been following: masks and social distancing required, chalice and singing omitted, and outdoor coffee hour. 
I will update you as to the guidelines for worship next week as we receive instruction from the diocese. 
Even as things open up I advise each one of you to take into consideration the state of your own health and take the precautions that match your personal comfort level. If you feel you still need to wear a mask even when one is not required then please do so, or if gathering in a group feels too risky for you, then watch the service on-line, etc. The vaccine is readily available and I trust that you have done what you feel you need to do to care of yourself. In addition, there are many ways to continue to build your health and support your microbiome and virome (your natural immunity and defense against chronic disease and other underlying conditions) which your health provider can assist you with. 
So even though we aren’t there yet, I do anticipate that we will be opening up more and more very soon. So take heart – we’re almost there!
Your sister in Christ,