Reading References


“The Book of Common Prayer”

  (BCP and Psalms)


   (Compressed  *.pdf)


Bible Verses

“If you read only these, you have everything you need!”

                      The Rev. Rowena Mae MacGregor


           John 15:1-17 (“I am the true vine…”)


           Isiah 5:1-7 (The song of the vineyard



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Thoughts on how churches may need to change to stay relevant.

Author: Carey Nieuwhof


Hybrid Church – A Way Forward for Church Leaders

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Experience of turning a brick and mortar church into a virtual one.

Author:  The Rev. Tim Schenck


Vital Practices for Leading Congregations

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A helpful link especially for Vestries. 

Author:  The Rev. Tim Schenck


The Gospel of Mark and the Roman-Jewish War of 66–70 CE:

Interprets Mark’s Gospel in light of the Roman-Jewish war.

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Jesus’ Story as a Contrast to the Events of the War.”

Author:  Stephen Simon Kimondo


“Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints”

The official revision of Lesser Feasts and Fasts (authorized by 2009 General Convention)

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Published by Church Publishing


The Phenomenon of Man

Author de Chardin builds a philosophy to relate religious experience to the natural sciences.

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Author: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Behold the Spirit: A Study in the Necessity of Mystical Religion

Where eastern and western religious cultures can meet.

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Author: Alan Watts


Richard Hooker and the Sufficiency of Scripture

Compares author Hoooker’s thinking with that of John Calvin.

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Published by Cambridge University Press