Combined Choir Offertory

“Blessed Are They”


John Leavitt



Happy are they who are poor,

           For they shall be blessed of God.

He gently will lead them, He gently will feed them;

Their home is the heart of God.

Blessed are those with sorrow and woe:

           His comfort and joy will o’erflow.

The meek and the lowly, blessed and holy:

Great is their gift from God.



Happy are those who desire the righteousness born of God.

He blesses their hunger; He fills them with wonder;

Their rest is the peace of God.

And blessed are those who mercy do show;

His grace and compassion will know.

The purest of children see new this heaven 

Held in the hand of God.



Happy are those who love peace, for they are the people of God.

His light does shine through them; His truth will be in them,

Their life is the life of God.

The world will reject the, reject them before him.

Their part is the love of God.