Letters for Dayton

On May 28,

nine tornadoes tore through Ohio,  displacing many families within the Northridge area. 


 On August 4,

Dayton fell victim to gun violence  that further rattled a rebuilding community.


On September 23,

students in the Northridge School District will return to schools which were badly damaged:

 HVAC lines had to be checked for leaks, ceiling ductwork and some school furniture needed to be replaced, and some blockwork with minor cracks needed to be repaired. Wood beams that turned into flying projectiles during the tornados were lodged in some parts of the building and had to be removed.  These repairs pushed the start date back at least a month.


The district is asking the community for 1500 letters so that every child

can begin this year with words of encouragement,

letters reassuring the students that people do care and are thinking of them.


St. Mark’s is beginning a new Outreach program, the Crisis Response Ministry (CRM).  We hope to help our community in small ways that may not require a lot of funding, but do require time and talent and love.  This is our first project, and if you would like to participate in “Letters for Dayton”, there will be a collection box in the Narthex; please bring your letters, cards, or postcards no later than September 15. 


If you prefer to send them yourself, please mail to:

Northridge Board Office Attn: Hope 4 Kids

2008 Timber Ln

Dayton OH  45414


 If you would like more information on our newest ministry,

 or if you have suggestions on how we can help the community,

 please contact Jen or Bridgette Bonifas, Megan Rubino, or Katherine Wagner.