Questions of Value – 2016


Back for a three-peat!

While Father Mike is on vacation,

our Sunday Adult Forum

will be led by Wayne Harper

Wayne will be our guide

 as we delve into questions of value,

 and how they impact our lives.

All are welcome to partake

in this lively discussion.

Many thanks to Wayne for 

all of his hard work in

preparing for these very

interesting and 

informative discussions.


All of his notes are posted

in the Adult Forum web pages.


Topic for July 10:

Meaning of Life


Topic for July 3:

A Baby Boomer’s Worst Nightmare

– Growing Old


Topic for June 26:

 What Ought We To Do

and Moral Fortitude


Topic for June 19:

 Our Self-Conscious Emotions


When: 9:30 am


Where: St. Mark’s Lounge



Materials are available in advance;

email Wayne at