Vestry May 17 Summary

This is what your Vestry worked on

at the May 17 meeting:



*Mission and Growth of St. Mark’s

Our Senior Warden attended  the Commission on Congregational Life’s (CoCL) “Best Practices Conference” as presented by the Episcopal Church Building Fund.  He compiled notebooks for each vestry member which summarized the main topics of the meeting and provided lessons learned. (Copies are available in the Office and by email). There was a thorough discussion of what this means to us.


*Activities/Programs List for Newcomers

We will have a list for all newcomers (and current parishioners) to read and complete, with information on all of our ministries, activities, and programs.


*Summer Child Care

We are planning a summer program for our younger parishioners, involving crafts and activities.  This is currently planned for a couple of Sundays in June and July; the program is a work in progress, so if you’d like to help, please see Carol Williamson.



New LED lights in the Lounge make it a much brighter area.  New landscaping in the courtyard makes it much easier to see the memorial plaque. We’re looking at ways to better insulate the outer walls of our buildings.



*Vestry Mtg Minutes available in the Narthex, or via email (contact Dave Reuter).