Vestry and Buildings & Grounds


The Vestry and B&G are on their toes

when it comes to hearing your concerns! 


Responding to issues raised by parishioners, we’re trying the following:


COFFEE HOUR: to relieve the over-crowding in the Fellowship Room, the food is being served in the Lounge; drinks are still in the FR.  We’ll try this for a couple of weeks to see how well it works, and then decide if it should be a permanent change. Please let your Vestry and/or B&G Team know what you think!


EXIT DOOR: Everyone seems to leave the Community Building through the door on the left side, which has caused the concrete to wear unevenly and become very slippery. The B&G Team is looking at various ways and costs to repair it, but nothing can actually be done until the weather warms up.  As a temporary measure, a sign stating “EXIT this side, please” has been hung on the door on the right, and bright green tape has been added to the slippery part, making it more visible.